Nicolas Jordan

Nicolas Jordan

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First Name * Nicolas
Last Name * Jordan
Username * NicolasJordan
Country * Canada
City Regina
Nationality Canadian
Languages English





I was first introduced to 3D when I took a introductory course to Softimage 3D in the spring of 1999 and that convinced me 3D was what I wanted to do as a career. Later that same year I went to tech school and took a 1 year New Media Communications course. During the time I was at tech school I purchased an educational license of Lightwave 6.0. I spent lots of my spare time playing aorund in Lightwave and trying to learn the program. Lightwave soon became the 3D tool I felt most comfortable with. I then enrolled in a 1 year certificate course in 3D Animation at New Media Campus to learn Maya and more about 3D in general in 2001/2002. After school I continued to do learn more about 3D and used Lightwave in my spare time for a about 6 years until I finally got hired by a small local company that does Arch Viz. I still try and do personal work when I can find the time. I have a link above for Liquid Light 3D Graphics Inc.(the company I work for).